Genre is not a dirty word

I am  writing a young adult (YA) fantasy novel.

where do the dead sleep?

I think about it all day long as I complete the mundane tasks of my life. I think about my characters while I feed my 21 month old daughter. I feel flashes of inspiration when I wash bottles and fold laundry. I dash for my black covered sketch book and write these thoughts down, in blue ink, on a diagonal. (I hate writing on lined paper it makes me feel so restricted.) Then I spin and contemplate the reason behind the actions I want my characters to make, think about their flaws and habits, think how to make them more than one note. I have chapter ideas and titles that I’ve revised. I have one and a half black covered sketch books of hand written chapters, outlines, a synopsis and story points and I want to desperately meld all of that into a well crafted young adult novel, into Holly Hughes first novel.

Then the fear of sucking kicks in as I sit at my computer during my daughter’s afternoon nap and I have to will myself to be creative. Now is your chance I tell myself- now is your chance to transform all that work into a scene. Be creative before your alone time runs out.

But more often than I care to admit this is what I end up doing instead: paying bills, checking email, checking out FaceBook and writing to people who I haven’t seen in 15 years, cleaning up, seeing how other authors are more productive than myself, reading their blogs and books, and making grocery lists. This is not at all productive for me and does not help me write scenes. So I am starting this blog hoping that being accountable to an anonymous someone will help me stay on track.

You’ll probably read about what I’m writing, what I hope to write and what I’m writing instead. I’ll share some of my chapters with you, some character back story and more self anxiety about writing. And hopefully at the end of it I’ll have a book you’ll enjoy reading. Wish me luck.


3 thoughts on “Genre is not a dirty word

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  1. Do it, Holly. Be good to yourself and give yourself that time to just write. Forget the bills. And I will unfriend you on Facebook if that will help. Please write this book. I have my eye on you.

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