someone to watch over me

When Olivia woke up to pee at 2 AM Robert was standing in her room. He was a dark shadowy mass that smelled like potting soil hiding behind her purple velvet bedroom drapes.

Olivia could feel a presence but her bladder didn’t care about the scent of mossy earth. Uneasily she looked around her dark room to quickly check if things were the same as when she went to bed. A geometry book was open on her desk with pages of half completed homework and her water glass was empty next to it. She darted out from under the warmth of her quilt to the bathroom and peed filling the quiet house with the sound of sissing. Robert liked the living sound so full of strength so unlike his decaying and arid flesh.

Walking back into her room Olivia’s skin tingled. Remembering the television show about the psychic who spoke to the dead she asked “Daddy are you near?”


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