Informing my writing

I’m reading The Secret Life of Puppets by Victoria Nelson. She speaks about the human psyche, outcasts, grottos, “golems”, writers and their journeys.

What caught my attention is the intersection of philosophies, intersecting fables of supernatural beings and their constancy in our consciousness. In particular, on pg 101, chapter 5, ‘H.P. Lovecraft and the Great Heresies she speaks of “”Four Corners” …a generic roadside slang for that fixed point in the landscape where a quaternity of boundaries meet. There is a similar nexus within the human psyche where three territories rigorously fenced off from one another by post-1700 Western intellectual culture-philosophy, religion, psychology- converge with a forth, the secular territory of imagine.”

I hope this book will inform my writing.

It clearly sparks my imagination. It made me wonder what it may be like to go mad. and I questioned what I would hold onto, what aspects of my humanity or daily life? What would I grasp at if I were?  Who would I trust?

Please click on my excerpts page to witness my madness.  I’m curious what madness lies inside you? Dare to share?


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