Inspiration Found

I had an amazing day. I figured out the hole in my story. I figured out ‘What Olivia Wants’, which is important because she is the protagonist. I’ve been writing in concentric circles around it, but couldn’t make my way there until I had a brain storming session with my Director/Writer friend Robert Moniot.  He’s got a powerful imagination and can really go there. He told me about the story he’s pitching to Icon and I told him about Olivia.

“You’re so close,” he said. “It’s there you just have to see it.”

“Can’t you show it to me?” I asked. I’m so frustrated.

“You’ll see it.”

He was so sure, that I became reassured.  And once I regained certainty in my creativity the ideas flooded my mind. I grabbed my notebook and scrambled the pen across the page trying to keep up with my mind. I was afraid I’d lose the sensation, the grandeur, the fun and ideas if they weren’t captured. What if the thoughts floated out of me and away? I couldn’t let that happen.

Instead I wrote seven pages and took a deep breath; seven pages, written in a new perspective, with new energy and life. Which is funny because I’m writing about the undead.   Can’t wait to share some with you. Come back soon.


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