I’ve been reading the blog-o-sphere and see that many writers face similar struggles: what to write, what makes good writing and the dreaded writers block.

If you’re struggling with writing today, if you’re having a hard time writing your way into your story, or figuring out what to write, here are a few ideas to get your creative juices going:

  1. Open a favorite book and randomly place your finger on the page. Now take the sentence your finger landed on and write for five minutes using that sentence as your opening line.
  2. Call a friend and ask them to say 3 random words. Try writing a paragraph using those three words. If you don’t have any friends use these: fire, cantaloupe, genome.
  3. Write about what you had for breakfast using your 5 senses.

These may seem silly but you’d be amazed at how profound writing exercises can be at jumpstarting your creativity.

Good luck.


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