How do you define yourself?

Good morning. I’ve been rewriting the same chapter all month. I needed to slip back into Olivia’s skin and see the world through her eyes again. Which is a good thing, because the rewrites are better than the previously posted paragraphs.  And since writing is rewriting progress is being made.

I’ve joined Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and am toying with the idea of attending the 39th Annual Summer Conference in Los Angeles. I see that Krista Marino will be speaking about Finding and Revising Your Protagonists Voice in a Young Adult Novel.

Since I am still playing with Olivia’s voice this may be helpful.  At the moment she is pouty and sarcastic and I’m worried her sarcasm may make her a bit unlikeable. And an unlikeable protagonist would not encourage you read my book…but I want her to evolve and I’m curious how far I can push the envelope. Olivia defines herself by the things that she is not.

How do you define yourself?


2 thoughts on “How do you define yourself?

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  1. Don’t be so hard of yourself. Following what is in your heart and it will work out fine. You see in the end you are the one who lays your head on your pillow at night. Not anyone else and you have to be able to live with you. Have a Great Day!

  2. I would mostly agree, as I too describe my self by the things I’m not: a super-model, a celebrity, a pop icon, a high powered attorney. But what I am, a full-time mama, wife and friend is also central to my identity. However, I would imagine that as a teenager, what u r not is more central to your identity, as your role on this earth is not yet clear. Buena suerte with your writing, keep plugging along!!!

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