Say a Little Prayer

I pray every night. It’s a simple prayer I made up when I was young. Actually, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t pray at night before falling asleep.  I don’t know what prompted me to begin because the sight of someone on their knees with their hands pressed together in prayer makes me uncomfortable.

Maybe it’s too Christian for me, but that’s not true. Many other faiths practice that way. I even do it in yoga and feel very comfortable Ohming or chanting Shanti with my hands pressed palm to palm. It feels very spiritual, calming, and connects me to everything source and lovely.

It’s just not how I speak to God on a daily basis. I’m Jewish. Being Jewish feels right to me. I also study Kabbalah, and that is the most spiritually authentic practice in my life. Although I do believe anyone who believes in God, no matter how or through what faith, is praying to the same deity.

I think that’s God’s sense of humor. God gives us options of how to worship and we get to choose how to connect.

This is what I say at night after turning off the lights.

Dear God,

Thank you for making today as wonderful as it was.

Help me make tomorrow even better.

Please bless my family, friends and myself.

Please let there be more love in the world tomorrow than there is today.

Thank you, Amen.

That’s the basic prayer. Lately I’ve been including more specifics about friends who are dealing with illness and death. I ask God to send their sick loved ones light and healing and I ask that God send them strength and love. I mean it sincerely from my soul. I know I can’t do more than pray for my friends and I hope it makes some difference in their struggles the next day.

I also recite the Ana Beko’ ach. It’s a Hebrew prayer. I say that one throughout the night. Whenever my daughter wakes me from sleep I say that prayer hoping that it reaches a higher place. I keep that prayer in my wallet too. It makes me feel good knowing its close even though I’ve had it memorized for seven years.

Does my praying surprise you? Do you pray? How does it make you feel? How would it make you feel if I prayed for you? I think that prayer is one way to do something selfless.

Today a deliveryman was struggling with a large box by an elevator. I held the door open, let him get in first and pressed the button to floor 8 for him. As I left he said, “Have a blessed day.”

“Thank you,” I said.


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  1. One of the things about living in the south you hear more refrences to being blessed. Prayer is a very personal thing. I just love these experts who tell others how they should communicate with their God.

  2. Religon is a funny thing to me and find much irony within it. My example to this is “religons” force you to beleive in them and if you do not then you are condemned for all eternity. These are the same “religons” that are forgiving and want to bless everyone (but you must beleive). Seems like a double standard to me and all too controlling.
    I am an out of pratice Catholic (please do not hold that against me)and have an issue with beleiving in the “fairy tales” told within the Bible. I mean, does anyone REALLY beleive the entire world was born from 2 people living in the “Garden of Eden”? Oh, and my favorite, The Imaculate Conception! Ok, so my “virgin” fiancee divulges to me that she is pregnant and it was GOD that did this to her. I think perhaps it was the stable boy that made her scream “Oh God”, but doubt that there was really any divine intervention.
    Praying? That to me is a whole differnt dynamic and one that is very unique to everyone. I do pray, and do so every night. This is what I say. “Dear God, thank you for my life and keeping my family happy healthy and safe”. That is pretty much the core of what I say every night. To me, praying is a time of being thankful and recognizing what you have in this life.
    Please understand I am not “religon bashing” its just I am not one for a regimented process of belief and or worship. I have total respect for those who do worship regularly and have strong beliefs.
    By the way, I am not one of those people that feel the need to have “GOD” taken out of the pledge of allegiance.

  3. I love it when people say “I’m not doing something”. When in reality they are. The funny thing about your comment about the “fairy tales” in the Bible is shows a lack of repspect for anothers understanding of life. I feel sad for people like you who are unable to discuss these very personal issuess without making an attack on their very serious thoughts. I do find it amusing that you think leaving God in the Pledge is ok with you. Just tickle me pink with joy.
    Holly sorry about venting on this one on your post but sadley these types of people are so void of a personal truth they feel the need to spout this garbage. Duke

  4. @ Duke
    Wow I love debate. Since I know Joe personally I’m sure he did not mean any disrespect, but he’s a grown man, he can talk for himself.

    I honestly appreciate that my thoughts spark thought and responses. I think for me that’s most important. I’m amazed that people read my blog and am grateful for any participation.

  5. The thing is for me nothing on this earth will ever change my faith. Nothing. I have seen to much and been through to much to know that there are certain things are true. My concern is always when someone writes something like that others take it at face value without any context. The use of words and how they are used are important. To take the use of words without care is something that is dangerous.

  6. Is it possible that the last paragragh of my post was not read? I am also not sure how I am without “personal truth”? I was simply expressing my view, which in turn deserves recognition. I recognize there are many religous views in this world and I do not hold one over the other.
    I was raised Catholic, however, do not subscribe to its views or positions and, in my opinion, find it very controlling and out of context with reality. That is my opinion. I am sorry if it is not yours (and thats okay) but please respect mine. Perhaps my literary illustrations was over the top, but it was the faith I was raised with and the faith I am best suited to be critical about.
    You actually echo the “irony” comment I made by not first trying to understand my view and then perhaps forgiving me of my ignorance.
    I am far from dangerous (I assure you) nor were my comments. The comments were not crafted to offend rather than to ignite your mind! To me, GOD is whatever you want it to be.

  7. Trust me I do understand your view and you have every right to have that. I really tried to stay away from any Catholic comments. I have had many people through the years leave the Catholic Church for the same reasons you sighted.I did ask a pastor friend of mine years ago complaining that I could not find confessionsals in the Bible like Catholics teach. His response ” Because they are not in there. They are a man made creation.” I have major issues with the Catholic Church and it starts with the issue of Mary. I did go back and read what you wrote before. I’ll give you that one on prayer.
    I didn’t understand it the way it was meant. I could have expressed myself better than use the word dangerous in your comment.
    I lost 7 family members in 14 months starting on October 31,2008.
    Those things cause one to rethink everything about life. Have a Great Evening!

  8. I know no matter what the negation of yesterday was, my pray or conformation of the truth will rise triumphantly over it today.
    Today id G-d,s day, it is a glorious day for me. It is filled with peace, harmony, joy and love.
    G-ds’love is my love, my love is G-ds’ love.
    G-ds’ strenght is my strength,my strenght isG-ds’ strenght.
    G-ds’ healing power is my healing power, my healing power is G-ds’ healing power.
    I am in the right spot at the right time. Doing G-ds’ work in G-ds’ time.
    This is the pray i have been saying since i was a child.
    It came back to me while walking the beach looking for G-d.
    AA said that you must find G-d, so i went to the beach looking.
    I saw the waves washed away my foot prints. I thought that i was nothing. I then looked to the sky,which was a beautiful pink and blue color. I heard the birds singing,the wonderful sounds of the waves, the smell of the air.
    I said to myself that G-d was all around me.Everything in nature showed me his love.
    All i had to do was still my mind to see it all.

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