TMI, continued…scheduled sex

I’ve got two more months of trying to have a baby left in me. Well, maybe that’s not completely true, I probably could try longer, but it is what my husband and I agreed upon. I think an end date to the madness is important.

We’ve been trying to conceive and carry a baby to full term for two years and the process of scheduled intimacy, miscarriages, pills, and disappointment have gone on long enough. We want to enjoy our life together again and this baby-making thing is not conducive to our happiness.

Ironic isn’t it, how focusing on family can damage one. If I could drop into my husbands mind I believe his thoughts would sound like this.

“It’s scheduled sex week. I’m surprised she hasn’t blocked the time in my outlook. I have to fake being happy about knowing when I’m going to get me some hot wife. I can do it. She tries so hard to make it romantic or sexy. But the idea we have to schedule it sucks, it’s no fun, I’m tired, and I’m over it.”

My thoughts back, “How is scheduling sex any different than dating? If we were dating you’d have to pick me up, pay for drinks and dinner or a movie, maybe take me to a party all in the hopes of getting some at the end of the evening. Seriously, you don’t even have to work that hard now. Just show up in our room 30 minutes after our baby girl falls asleep. Get over it. At least you get off every time.”

Men should know how challenging it is to get in the mood on demand for us. You know it’s not spontaneous or sexy for women either and we go through all the trouble of shopping for a Victoria’s Secret outfit and pretending to be excited about sex hoping the joy will rub off on you. We’ve got things on our minds like: cervical mucus, temperature, if we made the ovulation strip change, what sign will the baby be if conceived that night, how many pregnancy tests are left under the bathroom sink and pleasure rounds out the bottom.  So buck up men, and do your Mrs. right!


2 thoughts on “TMI, continued…scheduled sex

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  1. My husband and I have had so many fights about this. I’m like you–I don’t get what the big deal is. Just enjoy it and go with it. We’ve gotten a lot better the last few months, but there were a few in there that weren’t pleasant!

  2. I always found I was forcing myself and it was really crappy. We both needed to take a step back and try to put the fun back into it. But that really helped once we were both just making an effort to enjoy ourselves rather then just gettin it done.

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