Day 27…appreciation

Day 27

My mind is no longer racing. It seems to have calmed, maybe it’s the chamomile tea or the half of a Hershey bar I just ate. But as of this moment I know I’ve done everything I can, and it’s not up to me, so I have to wait out the next 5 days and see if BFP shows up or not. (My cycle runs 27-32 days in length)

I wish I could always be this calm about it. But Steady Eddy isn’t my personality.

My mom called the other day to let me know we have to keep trying. “I had a dream that you had a healthy baby. But it’s going to take six more months. So don’t let him do anything drastic before that. I even know the sex. It’s going to be a little boy. Get the boy names ready,” she said. She is convinced of her prediction. She gave me a similar one before I was pregnant with my daughter.

It’s such a loving sentiment. I think I’ll just appreciate it. Wishing you luck on your journey too.


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