Just Relax

Let me tell you a few things about trying to have a baby unsuccessfully:

  1. It’s impossible to relax about it.
  2. Getting drunk and doing it like teenagers isn’t working.
  3. I can’t just let it happen on its own because for 2 years it hasn’t worked that way.
  4. My hubby is fed up with the process, but still dreams about having a second child, even if some days he’s sure he’s over it.
  5. Mr Wonderful and I argue about having another since our girl is nearly 3 and becoming independent on so many levels, he wonders why go back?
  6. My work/creativity is not my “other baby”.
  7. I have a huge ball of love inside me that belongs to someone else, and I want to share it with him or her. Call it a mother’s intuition, I feel the other person who is supposed to be in my family.
  8. I am stubborn and determined and don’t like the feeling of failure or brokenness.
  9. When you tell me give it more time, it makes the time feel endless.
  10. Here’s good advice: shut up, be supportive and give a girl a hug on her bad days.
  11. Stress is not conducive to baby making, please tell my life that because life is stressful. (Dad going in to get his third stent on Monday, prayers please.)

Anyone else feeling this way too?



12 thoughts on “Just Relax

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  1. I am with you!!! I can just die anyone tells me to be patient and just relax it will come ………..

    And it is normally people with children that can give this wonderfull advise!!! I have no children, I have been on my knees for one for years …..

    I cannot wait anylonger!!

  2. I hate saying ‘look at my Blog’ but if you do, you’ll see ‘just relax’ didn’t rub with me either! it’s such an ‘easy’ comment to make and the people that say it have no idea who they are speaking to or what they are saying. Bah. Wishing you every love and success xxxxxxxxx

  3. Stopping by from ICLW…

    I completely understand every one of your points. You are not alone. I find when I talk about my struggles with others, they always try to offer advice. All I want to hear is “I’m sorry”. I don’t need anything else.

    So I’m sending you a virtual hug and hoping this happens for you again soon xo

  4. People love to fix things and (in their defence) probably hate to see a friend in pain and don’t know what to do or say to help, so offer unsolicited and completely useless advice instead. My own experience has taught me to be better about not trying to say the right thing and instead just saying, “I’m so sorry you’re going through this,” or “I’m sending you good thoughts,” or saying nothing and just giving them that hug.
    So, I’m so VERY sorry you’re going through this and I’m sending good thoughts and a cyber-hug your way. -x-

  5. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I hate when people try to give advice or tell you to relax. I’m sorry you’re down. Big hugs.

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