32 and counting

Hmm, a curious thing is happening to me. I know I reported that on day 27 my acupuncturist made me take a test and it was negative…then I had some spotting later in the day. But curious thing, no real period. Here I am on day 32 still waiting for it to begin. The truth is I’ve had long cycles in the past, but never one that had a few hours of spotting before disappearing.  And whenever my cycle was long it synched up with the full moon, and hello- we had a 30 year full moon the other day, still no period. So I finally took another EPT test, another negative result. This ever happen to any of you?  I think my period may show up today, but then again it may not…


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  1. Not to get your hopes up, but yes, that happened to me a week before a positive pregnancy test with Claire…I believe it is called “implantation bleeding” 🙂 Heres’s to hoping that that’s what it is for you, my friend;)

  2. I’ve never had a cycle go that long. I have the opposite problem I’ve only had one cycle in the past 4 years go 28 days. I’m currently in the middle of a 2ww hoping this cycle is the lucky one.

  3. Hmmm…interesting. I would say it could have been implantation bleeding, but the fact that you got a negative test makes me think maybe not? Have you ever had a period that light before?

    Any way you could get b/w to see what’s going on?

  4. That is weird to be late. I never had a cycle over 30 days. Of course I was always temping too, so I could rely on my dropping temps to break my hope bubble before I ever tested. I hope this weirdness is pregnancy related for you! Good luck!

    Happy ICLW! (#95)

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