DAY 34

BFP…Big Fat Period


18 thoughts on “DAY 34

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  1. I imagined the “F” being a little more vulgar than Fat. Sorry my head went straight to the gutter. You have an awesome attitude with this Holly. I’m so happy you are following your instincts! I’m sending good baby thoughts your way!! xoxo

  2. Sorry about your recent negative. I started following and was visiting to wish you a happy ICLW (#64). When will you do an IUI and will you use injectables rather than Clomid?

    1. Hi Liz. I am going to head in for my day 3 tests this Friday and will do the injectable, along with baby asprin and progesterone. No more clomid for me. And as of today, right now I don’t know if I’m going to do any more than one IUI. I’m kinda tired- you know what I mean?

  3. I’m so sorry this cycle didn’t work for you.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and lending some support.

    I’ve been reading some of your previous posts, and I can really relate to a lot of the things you’ve said. I hope this next cycle goes well for you.

    Happy ICLW! (#32)

  4. Happy ICLW!

    I am sorry to hear your period arrived. It’s never fun to have that arrival happen when you are hoping that it never shows.

    All the best with your IUI cycle when it gets underway. I hope it brings you are proper BFP! xx

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