My closet is full of clothes that are too big for me and my drawers are full of t-shirts that are misshaped and stained.  I’ve kept these garments for three years because I didn’t want to buy new and waste money because I kept expecting to get pregnant and jump back into the 2 storage boxes of cute maternity clothes I collected while pregnant with my daughter.

But this is a ridiculous thing to do.  Especially if you knew how much I love clothes. Instead of shopping for myself, I’ve given my 3-year-old a cute wardrobe.  My parents have contributed to her adorable outfits, shoes and hair clips. My girl is a bit of a tomboy, so leggings really are the best things for her. Dresses get caught up in her knees and feet when she climbs.

And then there is me. I step into my closet and stare at my choices of Mommy clothes. Gap jeans, size large T-shirts, misshaped and faded green, blue and pink shirts all waiting to be slipped over my head and hidden under a sweater or sweatshirt.

The truth is I’m a size small. And I’ve not bought much in three years because A) I can’t believe I’m a small, B) I’ve gotten pregnant 2 x and think and hope the next time it’ll stick, C) why waste money on clothes that won’t fit again for years?

My 42nd birthday was in January and this year I broke out the credit card and headed to Nordstrom Rack and Nanette Le Pore ( I got jeans and t-shirts that fit and my dad bought me the most amazing Nanette dresses. I have no occasion to wear them as of yet, but I may break them out to go food shopping because they are gorgeous and I have been coveting them in my closet for months, still wondering if I’ll get a chance to wear them before I’m too round and full of baby.

So here I am in the last few months of trying and I realize that I should have been nicer to myself all along. What girl doesn’t enjoy feeling pretty? What have you put off in hopes of getting pregnant? I say today, go treat yourself.  You deserve it.



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  1. I think it’s great that you went out and bought yourself some clothes (and so cute that your Dad did too!) I’m the same way. I remember last summer not wanting to buy too many new summer clothes since I would need maternity stuff anyways. Ha!

    Spoil yourself, you deserve it!

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