snarky humor

I am 12 hours away from my insemination. I’m a little bit excited, and have the most Holly thoughts running through my mind. So among all the seriousness of infertility, I hope you enjoy a glimpse into my sense of humor. (and believe it or not I still have one)

What does one wear when being inseminated? I’m quite sure I’ll be half-naked and draped under a large white paper towel/drape. But should I wear a dress for easy access? A comfy pair of jeans, nothing too tight or loose? Should I pack fuzzy socks so my toes don’t freeze in the stirrups? I want to know if the doctor or nurses dim the lights and provide speakers that I can plug my Nano into, so I can play mood music like Barry White or maybe classical music or something harder, depending on the mood? Remember being in the mood? How long will I be laid up on my back until I’m able to leave? I’m so very curious!

And don’t doubt for a second that I’ll dress up, pack socks and have my nano at the ready. I think I may ask my hubby to hold my hand and sing to me in my ear while the doctor is giving the very best my man candy has to offer through a tube. He’s got a great voice, and it makes me happy to listen to him sing. He sang to me the first night I met him. I know this is all rather ridiculous, but it makes me smile.

Wish me luck tomorrow, I’ll be the one in the waiting room who is all dressed up and ready for the baby party to begin. Sweet dreams! H


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