Dr. Crain you suck

I did wear a dress, I was excited and then I was cruelly mishandled. I’m hoping despite the pain associated with my insemination it will be successful…but in the mean time I wanted to warn other women to stay away from Dr. Crain. Enclosed is the letter REACH of Charlotte, NC will receive. Thanks for listening to me vent. I’m so mad I’m crying…

Dear Dr. Whitesides,

I am writing to you and the other doctors at REACH to convey my complete and utter disappointment with the handling and treatment of my IUI insemination on Apr 6, 2011.

First off, your office did not notify me that you, Dr. Whiteside, the doctor I felt most comfortable with, would not be performing the insemination. I haven’t laid eyes on you since our initial visit to REACH where you made me feel comfortable and hopeful about my choice to trust REACH with my reproductive health. How is this possible?

Dr. Whitesides your office called me the day before the IUI insemination to ask if my husband and I could be flexible because you had a scheduling conflict. They asked us to come an hour earlier for insemination and for my husband to arrive at 7 AM for his sperm donation. If you weren’t going to be available and I was being shuffled into another doctors schedule, REACH should have notified me and asked how I felt about it. Was there any other choice in doctors? Perhaps one that had I’d already met during an ultra sound? I always understood that Dr. Whitesides would not be the one to see me at every visit, but I don’t think I would have agreed to play the slot machine of doctors for my actual insemination.

When our 10AM appointment came, we were in good spirits and excited about what we came to do, until I heard your nurse say she was having a hard time focusing and was having one of those days. Would that instill comfort in you if you were the patient? I don’t think Dee meant for me to hear her, but she was at the desk when she said it.

The first time I was told that Dr. Whitesides would not be doing the insemination was after I was in the exam room. What choice can a patient make then? I felt completely disrespected and my feelings disregarded when REACH withheld vital information.

Then I met Dr. Jack L. Crain. Let if suffice it to say that if I met him instead of you Dr. Whitesides I would have NEVER continued my IUI at REACH. I’m sure everyone at REACH is aware of his bedside manner, because Dee confessed he didn’t have a very good one.  He clearly belongs in a lab and not with patients.

My experience of being on the other side of the white paper sheet from Dr. Crain is this: He elevates the table too high. He is too quick to open the speculum and he is much TOO AGGRESSIVE when trying to insert a catheter. Dr. Crain had problems inserting the catheter through my cervix. I felt his repeated jabbing. I had to breath deep and wiggle my toes to get my mind to focus on something else.  When he was unsuccessful with the plastic catheter he tried using the metal catheter. After jabbing at me for another five minutes he called to the nurse to get the ultrasound machine in a position he like and then he used to it see what he may be having difficulty with. My husband had a look of horror on his face while watching Dr. Crain. Especially when Dr. Crain asked for the “device which will open up your cervix.” I asked my husband not to react because I was looking at him to get past the pain Dr. Crain was inflicting. The man clearly forgets that the organs he is poking, punching and abusing are attached to a person. Dr. Crain finished then offered up his insemination services for the next day before leaving the room.

That man will never touch me again! He explained there would be some spotting associated with the procedure and left the room. I was immediately crampy and uncomfortable. I lay still for ten minutes and then couldn’t wait to get the hell out of REACH.

I wish I could tell you that I merely spotted. I had some bleeding and severe cramping. I could not sit upright and driving to and from my daughter’s preschool caused me significant pain, so much so that I took Tylenol and laid in bed when we returned. I left a message in your mailbox and received a call today, but it’s a day too late. That man caused me more pain than either of the DNCs I had after miscarriages.

I did not pay over one thousand dollars for my one and only IUI to feel sexually assaulted by the process. And that is exactly how I feel, and I would know, as I am a survivor.

REACH owes it to the patients to have Dr. Crain permanently placed in research mode so he can’t abuse another woman. REACH also owes it to their patients to be clear and honest about who will be handling delicate procedures. I had a right to know I would not have the doctor I wanted, and I should have had a choice.

Don’t expect to see me again for any other procedures, I don’t trust you. And I am going to post this letter on my blog.


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  1. Oh my god..Holly, I’m so sorry you had to go through this. That doctor sounds absolutely AWFUL. And what’s just as bad is the fact that the nurse, knowing he has ‘bad bedside manner’ allowed him to continue.

    I can only hope there will be a positive side to this in the end..your BFP.

  2. Holly, I’m so sorry this was your experience. Let’s hope it still results in a perfect and delightful child.

  3. Oh no!!! I am so sad to hear about your experience there, Holly!!! That is awful!!! I hope they do something drastic about that Dr! No one should ever go through that!!! What pisses me off is that they already know about his awful bedside manner!

  4. Crap, Holly. I am so sorry. As if this isn’t traumatic enough to begin with, you then have to deal with this. When are fertility specialists going to be trained in the emotional and psychological aspects of the work they do? I’m so very sorry for you. xxxx

  5. As I read your blog I am absolutely cringing. I cannot believe the experience you had. I am angry for you. Good for you for letting them know what happened and how you hurt. Maybe your words will save another woman from receiving such horrific care. Prayers.

  6. Holly, So sorry that you had this horrible experience. I am praying for a happy ending for you. Good Luck!!

  7. What a terrible and traumatic experience! I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be so vulnerable and then to be treated so poorly. I’m praying for you.


  8. wow, I too have had a not so pleasant experience with him as well. Sounds pretty similiar had to switch cathethers with me. It took a while for the procedure as a result. I agree with the horrible bedside manner. He doesn’t even say hello to you or ask how you’re doing just down to business which I do not care for at all.
    I was told the day prior to my IUI it would be the female physican so I was relieved as I didn’t want him to perform the procedure after the failed attempt the previous month. Then at the last minute while in the exam room my spouse comes in the room and says he’ll be doing the IUI. I was not happy at all. My hubby said it doesn’t matter who does it. It’s all up to God, which I believe but didn’t make it any better for me. I asked the nurse if the female dr. was out but she said no just drs. like to do the procedures with their patients if their in the office.
    Did you get pregnant as a result of all of this?

    1. Candy,
      I’m sorry that this doctor is still touching patients. I did not get pregnant. i am glad because the experience was so negative, I’d hate to think our baby being conceived under such horrible circumstances. You can file a report or complaint with the head of the office. Wishing you luck on your fertility journey!

  9. Our experience was better with Dr Crain. We are patient of Dr Teaff. However, our retrieval was done by Dr Crain. He walked up to us pre-surgery, made few small talks and explained the process. Post-surgery, I walked up to him and asked him few questions. He patiently replied. Yes, I have seen physicians who are more cheerful at bedside. However, I would grade him 7/10

    1. Thank you for posting this on my blog. It’s good to get another perspective.

      However, I’ve received at least one personal email per week describing Dr. Crane’s manner and their bad experience with him as horrible. I’ve even been stopped on the street and told stories. My OBGYN knows him. Says he is a brilliant doctor, said that no on knows more about infertility than that man, but he too said he could be better with patients.

      I’m glad your experience was a seven. I sincerely hope you conceive.

      My opinion does not change. He shouldn’t touch women. After speaking with other OBGYNs they all found it hard to conceive that Dr. Crane had difficulty passing the catheter past my cervix because I’ve already had a child. I believe REACH is aware of his mannerisms, they are hard to miss. They keep him there as part of the machine. There is no excuse for how he physically handled me. When a nurse gasps in horror, your husband turns white and you bleed for a week something has gone terrible wrong. And after putting so much faith, physical and emotional hope as well as money into a procedure one would expect the doctor not to tear bits of your cervix for fifteen minutes while implanting sperm before reaching for a clamp and pinching it. It is not the pleasant environment you want your potential baby to start in, trust me.

      I am still very passionate about what happened to me. I want to warn women what they too may experience with him, and give them the opportunity to use their voice to make another choice in doctors if they so choose.

      Again, I hope you are successful and a wonderful healthy baby is in your future! Holly

  10. I know this is old news now and many years have passed, but my experience with Dr. Crain could not have been any different. He has been amazing and compassionate. He has blessed me with my son and I am pregnant with my 2nd baby, in thanks to him. I am so sorry that you had this experience with him. My experience has been nothing shy of amazing. I thank God for Dr. Crain often.

    1. I am very happy that you had a different experience. I know many others who share my distrust and confusion that he is allowed to touch a female patient. I’m happy for your joy!

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