off the baby making wheel

Here are the good things about stepping off the baby making wheel. (It was a baby making train but since I got no where in 2 years I believe a wheel is more appropriate.)

1. I am drinking coffee again. That delicious nectar of the caffeine gods is once again part of my morning ritual. And I even indulge in a second cup if I need it. 🙂

2. No more hormones. OMG it feels good to be me again. No more taking hormones that jack my moods or make me want to smash everyone’s face in.

3. I’m thinking about amping up my workouts and getting full on MILF abs, cut arms and tone legs for my new orange bikini.

5. Sex for the fun of it, need I say more?

6.  I am taking my man away for his birthday next month. Just he and I in Charleston. 2 grown ups sans daughter to enjoy grown up time without having to deal with a little one’s needs.

7. Do I even have to tally up the money we’re saving? Hence the little vaca.

Yes of course there are still heartbreaking thoughts and emotions running wild through my mind. But for today I want to stay clear on the positives. Hope you can too.



Hope all the Mom’s participating in Expressing Motherhood ( are enjoying the experience, I know I loved being a part of the show.


the LATFOB (
is happening this weekend- check out some of my friends: Tod Goldberg, Rachel Resneck (, and Sam Dunn


2 thoughts on “off the baby making wheel

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  1. Ya, since we’re no longer TTC at the moment, I hopped on that coffee train faster than go. And I’m taking FULL advantage of it. There may be withdrawl later.

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