Lucky Duck

I spent the weekend in LA. An old friend, old as in I’ve known him for 20 years not as in our age thank you very much, got married and I didn’t want to miss out on participating in the lovely event. Rob, my friend, was stressed out and busting his ass trying to make the event special for everyone involved. He arranged for rides to and from the airport, shuttles to the Hollywood Bowl, hotels, delicious food, and colorful towels wrapped poolside for us to take home as a token from the beach holiday wedding. You can check out the wedding website to see what he managed ( His hard work paid off. The Church ceremony was beautiful and the party was fun!

I flew solo out west and was reminded of my single days in LA. I gotta say it was fun, but I love my life now. I love my husband and daughter and felt blessed to be reminded of my past yet enjoying my present. Funny thing, witnessing another couple’s beginning, knowing they have dreams of having children too, didn’t make me feel like I was lacking at all. I enjoyed seeing the small children at the wedding without any pangs. I was reminded that we all have hopes of what our futures may become and hold. I was reminded that I’ve been lucky enough to fall in love, get married and start my family. I’m lucky enough to be pursuing my passion and dreams of being a paid writer. I’m lucky.

A pic of me with good friends Ric and Reese. You so want these two at any party you’re having!


9 thoughts on “Lucky Duck

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  1. It sounds like you were able to have a pretty positive trip and find things that made you feel good again!!!

    Happy ICLW

  2. It sounds like you had a fabulous trip and got to visit with some amazing friends.

    And, if you can’t quite bring yourself to give up the baby clothes up, find someone to make them into a quilt for you. That way you have them close but they aren’t an ever present reminder.

    ICLW #10

  3. “I was reminded that we all have hopes of what our futures may become and hold.” I love that line.

    I am happy you went to visit your friend for such an important day in his life and you enjoyed it thoroughly!

    iclw #36

  4. Sounds like a fun trip!
    Don’t stress about giving up the baby things right now. When you are ready, you’ll know what to do with them and hopefully be able to part with them without stress.

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