I just don’t get it…

Dear Period,

Why do you keep showing up while I’m on vacation? You know you’re an uninvited guest. So what gives? Not only are you uninvited, you’re early. A whole week early, as if you got the date wrong on the invitation. Let me explain it to you, you are welcome to arrive every 28 days okay? Is that so hard to remember? You’ve been pretty good at it for 29 years. Don’t undestand why you can’t get it right lately.

And why do you have the need to make me so hormonal? We all know by now that my hormones and eggs aren’t on my side in regards to getting pregnant. So how come they are powerful enough to make me cry and get all crabby? What’s the friggin point?! Why is that you Period have the power to make me feel sick, make my boobs ache, and make me short tempered if you’re not powerful enough to make and keep a baby? Just sayin’!


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