spring cleaning

I did it. I actually purged 4 garbage bags full of my daughters old clothes and toys. I was nostalgic as I pulled the boxes out of the storage room and sifted through her tiny clothes. I only kept a few of my favorite things, the 9 month old skinny jeans my cousin bought, the adorable Naartjie outfits and grandparent bought stuff.

I don’t remember her being small enough to fit in the clothes I plan on donating. She’s always been tall, so at 6 months she was in 9 month clothes etc. And now at 3 she wears 5T and extra small. My gray eyed baby with the Cindy Loo Hoo eyelashes is growing into a person.

She’s articulate and has tantrums. She’s angelic and manipulative. She’s funny and smart. She challenges me and loves me. She’s down right amazing.  And she’s now a small person. And since I am coming to terms with the fact we are not able and therefore are not having another baby, I thought it was time to let go of things that may be better served by others. And doing it wasn’t hard at all.  Hope you all are doing well with your parental journey.


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  1. I’m proud of you for taking that step. It seems to have taken some weight off your shoulders, just by the way you’re writing. Your daughter sounds amazing!

    1. I totally undestand. To justify that very thought I’ve done 2 things. 1) I told myself that even if we miraculously got pregnant, the baby wouldn’t be wearing the clothes during the right season (as in the spring baby needs tiny spring clothes etc.). 2) I haven’t touched the big ticket items. The crib, fancy stroller, my favorite sling, and pack n play are still taking space in the spare room because I’m not ready. And not being ready is fine and dandy. xx

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