I’ve had the hankering for a new tattoo lately. This will not please my mother for sure. She doesn’t understand ink. She thinks if I want something to keep forever I should get a painting of it not brand my body. I’m pretty sure my dad feels the same way.

That being said, I still have that itch. But the image has to be personal. My two other tattoos are images that are significant to me. The first one I got is a small iris on my toe. Irises are my favorite flower. It was my first tattoo so I thought I’d start small. The next one I got is a tramp stamp (they weren’t called that yet in 1998 when I go mine, that I’m aware of). It’s a bright blue dragonfly that I drew and the tattoo artist transferred. Again, I love dragonflies . To me they are a symbol of growth and change which summarizes my philosophy on life.

This next one I want has a different significance to me. The concept is being connected to a soul. I couldn’t think of an image or word in English that encapsulates the emotion I wanted to represent. The Spanish word encuentros does it though. It means “we meet” or “we found”. To me it represents the connection I have with the baby I cannot have and the one I miscarried.

I haven’t decided on how to write the word. Part of me wants it to be written in a circle to represent an infinite connection (for me a soul connection). And part of me thinks the word should be half of a heart with the other half lined in. I have no idea where I would place it on my body because I like my ink discreet.

In the meantime, I’ll draw it and hang it on my wall like my mother prefers, until I’m sure I can’t live without it. Then I’ll figure out where.


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  1. Love this Holly. I have 8 tattoos. Most are never visible unless its summertime. Each have meaning to me and I never regret having them. Laura~

  2. I have no ink …. I’m one of those … I hate needles, and I mean it cuz there is no way I could get a tattoo… people. LOL… BUT I do appreciate the art form and self expression. Not sure how I’ll handle this with my kids yet… but… if it’s a tattoo that actually means something, then I am fully supportive.

    The one you have planned out, I can totally understand the meaning. I had my first son at 19, I had miscarried his twin early. Four more miscarriages and fighting through secondary infertility for 5 years .. I gave up, met my amazing OB/RE .. and after 3 months of meeting him (after seeing countless other DRs) … I was pregnant with my second son. He helped me get 2 more babies…. all boys. I have spent 10+ years of my life fighting to try to get pregnant and stay pregnant with 14 total miscarriages…

    My husband wants to get a tattoo of all 5 kids (including his daughter from a previous relationship) footprints with their names and birth dates … or their totem animal…

    Happy ICLW from #86 😀

  3. What a beautiful idea for a tattoo. I’m also itching to get some more ink. I have a dragon on my back and she is surrounded by 7 stars. I need one more so I have one for each of the babies I lost. And, I want a small dragonlet for each of the living children I have.

  4. I think it will be a beautiful tattoo

    I have the urge for another tattoo too! My first tattoo was a dragonfly on my ankle!

    Happy ICLW

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