Hi there. Sorry I’ve been quiet. I am overloaded with the stress of trying to get a mortgage. If I could articulate what I’ve been through without saying fuck every other word I would, but that is not possible. So instead I’ll spread good news.

The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators is having a conference in Charlotte this weekend and I’ll be there. Looking forward to meeting the talent and learning more about the publishing industry. If you’re curious too, check out:

Please click on the fiction excerpts tab above to read some of my work and editors beware, typos and grammatical errors do exist on this page. I’ll hire you soon enough to help me. 🙂

Here is my latest synopsis of Life-like, it’s a work in progress hope you enjoy.


Synopsis Life-like:

Seventeen-year-old Olivia Rosen doesn’t realize she’s dead, trapped in limbo and reliving the last day of her life and death over and over. Her mother Maude crash lands in her daughters limbo hoping to save her but instead decomposes in front of her eyes.  In a futile attempt to save her mother from the fate of being the walking dead Olivia sets out on a journey to save her mother. Along the way she realizes her best friend in life should have been her boyfriend and the eccentric group of undead tormenting her are actually trying to help her reach heaven.

Readabout Olivia and Billy’s first kiss: click on the excerpt tab above.


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  1. hello from ICLW week! I’m a teacher and it’s always so nice to meet children’s authors. Best of luck at the conference. Looking forward to hearing more about it.

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