moved again

Sorry for the silence the past week or so. I moved…again….this time I hope we stay here for years and years and years because I’m really happy living in this house.

My brain isn’t fully functioning yet. I don’t know what it is about a move that frazzles me so much, but it does, there is no fighting it. I want to be creative but can’t be creative with disarray around me. We moved and packed up the house in 2 days and I unpacked in two days. It took me 2 more days to semi-organize everything and now I’m waiting to settle into life to see where and how I want the rest of  my stuff.

The best part is I got to unpack books that were shoved and carted in boxes over a year ago out and fill the bookcases around my desk with them. I’ve missed their texture and smell. I’ve missed their stories and instruction. It’s good to have them near me again serving as my inspiration.

Now if I could only get my groove back on with my novel. Maybe this week, after I file away the bills and paper littering my desk I will have space for my creativity to ignite once again. I’m going to the Women’s National Book Association’s Bibliofeast on Monday, maybe that will help too. ( Maybe I need more sleep. Whatever I need I hope I get it soon because my fingers are itching to be put to good use.

See you soon.


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  1. Have a safe trip! I can’t wait to hear about the event and trust you’ll come back with an excitement and energy for your writing!

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