2011 is over, that went fast…

How is it December 29, 2011? Where did this year go? I’m not quite sure. But as I slow down and think about it it’s been an eventful one for me. Let me make a list of stuff that happened. The order is random. (lists are always popular at the end of the year.) Please feel free to add your own things done, accomplished, not completed, started, thought about etc.

1. Started the year still TTC my second child.

2. Tried IUI.

3. Gave into my reality and stopped TTC.

4. Blogged regularly.

5. Zumba’d my ass off 2x/ week.

6. Finished the first draft of my novel Life-like.

7. Had 2 short stories published by moonShine review. (http://moonshinereview.wordpress.com/)

8. Had an essay published at More.com. (http://www.more.com/i-dont-want-buy-tampons-i-want-be-pregnant)

9. Attended the Carolina’s SCWBI. (http://www.scbwi.org//) Met amazing agents, writers and illustrators.

10. Cut my hair off.

11. Moved into a new home.

12. Made some fantastic new friends.

13. Adopted a pet kitten. (who REFUSES to be litter box trained more on that later).

14. Performed in Expressing Motherhood. (http://www.expressingmotherhood.com/January__11_Los_Angeles.html)

15. Read a book per week.

16. Tried a new recipe per month. (I dread the question what’s for dinner and got inspired to try new things)

17. Loved my family with all that I have.

18. Enjoyed the support of my readers and followers. Thanks so much!

I’m sure I did more but I can’t at this very moment think of what. I’m feeling pretty good about it all. Life is incredible! Thanks for reading. Happy New Year.



12 thoughts on “2011 is over, that went fast…

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  1. I wonder if Facebook does a year in review since that seems to be the only way I can keep track of what happens in my life. I may just go back to January and read through all my posts. I have often thought of printing out Facebook pages and saving them. I am much better at Facebooking than I am at scrapbooking.

    2011 is easy to sum up…..I went from Bedrest in January to wondering if I will ever rest again! Here’s hoping I get some sleep in 2012!

  2. Wow! Amazing list. I am personally overwhelmed by the negative in 2011 (loss, loss and more loss) but I bet if I make a list I could find some sunshine. Gonna give it a try. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks Danielle. Getting caught up in the negative is pretty easy. Escpecially with the kind of loss you dealt with this year. But you know you are an amazing woman. I know it. I’ve know it since you were 4. Would love to know what’s on your list. xx

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