Snookie’s baby

Why on earth is the denied rumor that Snookie is pregnant news? Why was it on Yahoo!‘s home page Wednesday? Why does it matter that a young, MTV reality celebri-wanna-be got drunk again and possibly pregnant?

The so-called news tweaks my infertility nerve. First off my thoughts are, shit, another person who can when I can’t. Then I think, shit, this girl who got famous for being a drunk guidette is going to be a mother. Yahoo! went on to say she’s denying pregnancy rumors so she can make more money with her story and become the next Kardashian-like celebrity star. Someone shoot me now.  I think the Kardashian’s are brilliant at making money. But I wish this period of train wreck celebrity would die already.

I bet MTV is trying to think of a way to link her pregnancy in with their Teen Mom shows. Maybe she’ll goto a teen mom’s house for a day, and take care of the kid, and we can all see how she can change a diaper and deal with a crying child for hours on end. THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT!

Will people like this be our children’s role models? They will learn, get a video camera and do whatever you need to get attention. It doesn’t matter if you debase yourself or demoralize yourself, as long as you make money.

That’s not to say I didn’t have my share of embarrassing and drunk moments earlier in life. I did. I was embarrassed by them the day after. And there was no publicizing them back in the 80’s-90’s, thank goodness.

When did societal tastes in entertainment go so far down the toilet? Or is low-budget reality TV the spectator sport of the century? Perhaps it’s not so different from Roman’s watching gladiators battle each other and wild animals to the death.

One thing is for sure though. I’m jealous that a girl who got famous for getting drunk and fighting publically with a strange hair lump on the top of her head gets paid tens of thousands (if not more) dollars to continue that behavior, has the nerve to have a baby when so many women who are trying to conceive cannot.

My grandmother was right. She told me, “If you want to get pregnant go out, get drunk and do it like teenagers.” If it were only that simple.

Here’s to all of us who wanted a child and went about it in the traditional way. We fell in love, got married and tried to conceive. I wish you success!


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  1. However I do have to add that I think the Kardashians are not any better- I pretty much lump all of these egocentric idiots into one category- useless wastes of air space.

  2. I am searching my brain on how to respond to this but I am at a loss over the Jersey Shore phenomenon. I just don’t get it! So, the mere fact that Snookie is all over the news about having a baby does not surprise me in the least. I do, however, take issue with people having babies that dont want them or seem to get pregnant just by watching porn. There is a huge injustice out there for those who so badly want children, deserve them, yet cannot have.
    Snookie is, well….a “Snookie”. That name alone seems to carry a classless connotation and regardless of the money, she will always be a “Snookie”.

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