My little girl wants some sisters. She tells me about her big sister who is 14. Her sister is naughty. She pushes my girl and doesn’t listen to mommy. Her sister also sings songs with her and plays with her. Some days my girl has a brother too, but not as often. She calls her cousins her brothers and sisters. My girl really has a one track mind.

This weekend she asked me to open my mouth so she could look inside.

“What are you looking for?” I asked.

“I’m looking for a baby in your tummy,” she said.

I thought the sentiment was adorable. In the meantime, I sold her stroller and pack and play. I threw out her BPA free bottles. Got rid of her expensive cloth diapers that I used to wipe up all her spit up and whatnot, got rid of her receiving blankets, and her first wood blocks. I am successfully and slowly purging baby thoughts and dreams. My daughter — not so much. She wants a sibling. When I try to explain that I can’t have another baby, her four-year-old mind goes to work processing.

“It’s okay Mommy. Try. I want a sister.”

I think my girl would find adjusting to an infant painful at best. She doesn’t like to share me with anyone. But I like her chutzpah.

For now though, I am working hard on putting baby dreams to rest. Time to focus on another dream. My book. I have a goal. To finish this draft, polish it, and get my YA novel LIFE-LIKE out into agents hands by the end of August. I hope to get my girl on board with this. I think it would be a cool incentive to have her ask if my book is ready yet instead of asking for a sister. Think it’ll work?



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  1. Why not give her both? A little sister and a book? Children are very adaptable and eventually adjust to a new baby in the family. After only a few weeks or months, they can’t imagine life without the new addition anymore!

    1. Hi Rachel,
      You must be new to my blog.I wish I could give my daughter a sibling. Unfortunately I suffer from secondary infertility. It’s not possible. Trust me.

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