Your Voice Your Dream

I’ve been watching The Voice. I know, I can’t believe it either. Weeks ago I was flicking through the channels when I saw and heard Tony Lucca. I was surprised to see him up there and happy for him. Because way back when in 1996 I worked with him on Malibu Shores. I was the production coordinator on the Spelling Television series. He was a young actor who got his start on the Mickey Mouse Club, funny how that still is part of his bio. Funny how a fellow musketeer, Xtina, is outwardly rude to him. I’d swear I saw her texting during his comments. What gives Xtina?

His past as an actor got me thinking. I like that he is pursuing his dream to sing now. I think the risk is personal. His possible failure public. It’s great drama. I like his personality. I like the way his family looks. I like how Adam Levine and Tony get one another. I think it’s rare to meet someone in entertainment who will mentor talent and not be intimidated by it, or threatened by another person’s success.

All the Tony drama got me thinking about all the talent shows out there. I think of all the spectators watching other people risk it all in pursuit of a dream. And I wonder what dreams they may have that are left in the attic hope chest getting dusty with the rest of their childhood toys and memories.

I say get up and do something. You dont’ have to do it on a grand scale. Take a painting class or a singing class. Heck learn to swim, play tennis or rugby. Try your hand at writing. Do you want to learn a new language? Have you always wanted to know how to read music or play an instrument. What is holding you back?

I worked in television and film for eighteen years. I busted my ass, worked 20 hour days and made a great living. But I wasn’t living my dream. Back then I was out to prove I could do it. And so I did. I was good at my job but never had the stomach for the politics of production. You know what I always wanted to do? That’s right, all I’ve ever wanted to do was be a writer.

I started off small  again when I was twenty-eight. I signed up for UCLA Extensions writing program. I took a few classes.  My first teacher was Rob Roberge, next Tod Goldberg, Barbara Abercrombie, Samantha Dunn, and finally outside of the program I met Rachel Resnick. These people saw my work progress from terrible, to not so bad, to what it is now.

I owe them everything because they helped me realize my dream. They helped me write. It’s up to me now to make what I can out of it. They gave me the tools and a reason to practice writing. I was elated to keep my creativity for myself. I suffered over words, I sweated over plots, and doubted myself. I started with short stories, moved to personal essays and then the unimaginable happened. I actually took on writing a book. And finished it.

What is holding you back? I’m not saying you have to be a rock star, but if you love to sing, why not let your voice shine? I am letting mine, one typed word at a time.


4 thoughts on “Your Voice Your Dream

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  1. Is it possible to have too many dreams? I always wanted to write and wrote my first novella last year. I really am an artsy fartsy kinda chick. I want to write, draw, sing, paint, and learn a different language. Seems there isn’t enough hours in the day for all my interests.

  2. Have I told you that you are my favorite?

    Have I also told you how much I believe that the right people are put into our lives at just the right times, and it is up to us to take the opportunities and turn them into our dreams?

    That sitting beside you at Enso that evening last summer was no accident?

    I needed someone to push me in so many ways, and you are doing it for me, whether you know it or not.

    Well, now you do.

    Thanks for being awesome.

    1. Wow Tricia you are so kind. You are right, I had no idea. I look at you and am impressed with all you do! Glad our patches crossed. Let’s meet up at a table again soon. 🙂

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