mmmm doughnut ...
mmmm doughnut … (Photo credit: bunchofpants)

OMG, I’ve had a woolly (intense cravings and desire) for doughtnuts for two days.

Yesterday I tried fighting the craving beause it’s bathing suit season. But I finally gave into temptation in the early afternoon and drove down to my local Harris Teeter grovery store and picked a fresh glazed donut with sprinkes out fo the bakery cabinet. Then I walked down to the Entenmann’s display and picked up a box of variety pack donuts. I opened up the fresh doughnut as soon as I got into my car and wolfed down half and stopped. I thought I was satisfied.

Ha! Three hours later I went back for the rest. It was good and doughy. It was sweet and melted in my mouth. And now today I’m thinking about that doughnut like a lover. I’m lingering on the sensations I had while eating it. How sweet and decadent it was. How it felt in my mouth. I don’t indulge in doughnuts often. Actually I can’t remember the last time I had one. I felt naughty and I liked it.


3 thoughts on “Doughnuts

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  1. Entenmann’s is good, but next time try Krispy Kreme. Make sure the light is on (that is when they are being made) and enjoy heaven!!

    p.s. Don’t forget the milk!

  2. Joe,
    I have to say I am not a Krispy Kreme fan, even while they are hot and fresh from the oven. They’re too oilly for me. I don’t like the texture or the taste so eat my share!

  3. Haha! You had me at doughnut! (And Joe, I am a big fan of KK too!)

    I was feeling your pain (aka guilty pleasure) yesterday. I indulged on not 1 but 2 big slices of my mom’s peach/blueberry pie yesterday. My reasoning…the crust would taste better then than waiting one more day. In truth, I was savoring the taste combined with that happy childhood/good old fashioned summer feeling.

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