S.R. JOHANNES revealed her cover here & now I got an interview!

Last Friday I was part of the exciting cover reveal for S.R. Johannes UNCONTROLLABLE (Book 2 in the Nature of Grace series). And now I am proud to announce I’ve got an exclusive interview with her. S.R. Johannes is a southern lady and I’m ending my southern writers and illustrators tour with her. Hope you enjoy!
1. What does your desk look like? And do you write there?
My desk is a perfectly organized system. (yeah right! ;). I do most of my writing there followed by couch (#2) and then bed coming in a close third.

2. What sparked you to leave your Corporate America high-heeled power job behind to sit and write? Was it a story idea, character or the feeling that you should be doing something else?
I was tired of the politics and working 90 hours a week. After I had my daughter I realized I loved writing. I didn’t want to “live to work” anymore – I wanted to “work to live”.
3. When you were a little girl, what did you think lived in the woods? Did those ideas influence Untraceable?
I have always loved nature – especially when I was little. I never thought anything bad lived in the woods – except sweet and cuddly animals. Until I was kicked by a deer. Hey-  I thought you could sneak up behind them without them ever knowing. Who knew? But when we camped and I had to go to the bathroom at night – the woods always seemed so much scarier. Grace has no fear inUntraceable. She is who I always wanted to be in the woods.
4. I started writing again after my daughter was born also. How did you mange to be creative-on-demand while your baby slept?

I have no clue how I did anything in the first 6 months after I had a baby!!! I just did it somehow with eyes closed and brain-dead. I may have written “on demand” – but ‘m not sure what I wrote was my best work 🙂
5. Do you let your husband read your work? If so at what stage?

My hubby listens and helps me brainstorm all the time as I’m writing the first draft. Then he usually reads the first draft and final draft. If I can get my hubby to finish a teen book about a girl in the woods who kisses a boy, then I know it’s dang good 🙂
6. Who do you trust with critiquing your work before it goes to your agent?
I don’t have an agent anymore :). I have a few writer friends I trust – they all have different strengths – one is great at plot, one at characterization, and one at voice. My mom reads my final draft. She is an avid mystery and thriller reader.
7. How does being southern influence your work?

I guess the setting of being in North Carolina Mountains is considered Southern. Grace’s obsession with sweet tea and moon pies is a shout out to the south as well. Other than that, I’m not sure it factors in as much as the wilderness and nature aspects.
for more info on S.R. Johannes go to: www.srjohannes.com

3 thoughts on “S.R. JOHANNES revealed her cover here & now I got an interview!

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  1. Enjoyed the interview! Glad to see I’m not the only one that also writes on the couch and the bed … in the car at work on a break … at a table at McDonalds at lunch … Some days it’s anywhere we can add a few worlds.
    Thanks for the post.

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