where have you been?

Sorry I’ve been quiet. I had a goal to reach. And so far I look like I’m right on track.

I finished a complete revision on my YA book LIFE-LIKE and am now going through and fixing all the grammar. Truth be told, I am getting help from Anne Hicks with that. I obviously never learned the proper use of commas and despite the fact I read a book a week, the correct use of that small curvy bit of punctuation never sank in.

What’s the goal you may be asking? It’s very exciting for me. I had to finish the last draft and the grammatical/textual/editorial revisions before the end of August. I am going to start submitting my book to agent in September. Can I get  WHOO HOO?!

I’ve also signed up the SCBWI Carolina’s Conference this September. As part of the event, I am having an editor or agent critique my first ten pages. I stuffed those pages into an envelope this morning along with a one page synopsis and anxiously placed them in my mailbox. It feels scary to put my work out to the world. I am nervous about the rejection I may get, but that too is part of the process.

All of my creativity went into my book. I will get back on the blog bandwagon next week. Hope you are all enjoying your summer and staying cool.


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