WriteOnCon, a free writers on-line conference, is about to begin.What are you waiting for? Sign up, I said it’s FREE!!! It is being held next week, August 14-16. Got to: www.writeoncon.com and see the list of amazing writers, agents, editors that are interested in helping all aspiring writers. I’d post the widget, but can’t seem to get it to work…

And here is my two cents for what it’s worth. I think the most important thing is the writing, your writing, my writing and having the best darn thing you can imagine and then some to show. I’ve worked on my manuscript LIFE-LIKE for years. My goal is to find an agent and get my story on every bookshelf possible. But publishing is not the end goal of every person.
People love writing and write for themselves and the joy and pain it brings to them. It is a way to express oneself and it so satisfying to fill a blank page with thoughts, words and emotion. Conferences can help answer questions on style, technique, voice, critique partners, pitching, recommending books to read, social media, and craft. If you are searching for assistance with any of this come look at WriteOnCon. Keep in mind too, that many universities near and around you offer writing classes. If you can’t make a face to face class, see if they offer on-line classes, many do and you should also look into Media Bistro.
I stayed away from conferences until I had something that I am proud of and am ready to take the rejection and support a conference can offer. By restricting myself from getting lost in the business of writing I gave myself a great deal of time to focus on my story.
I wish all the other writers out there good luck with their stories and process. See you on-line at WriteOnCon 2012 all this week.

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