Revised Synopsis

I posted a synopsis a few days ago…and I posted that same one to WriteOnCon, but in true artistic neurotic form, I got help and now have a better one.  Do you agree?

Synopsis LIFE-LIKE

by Holly Raychelle Hughes

Liv is dead.  She just doesn’t know it.  And she will have to relive the eighteenth of December again and again to figure it out.

When Liv’s mom shows up at home with a gaping hole in her head, it doesn’t take much convincing for Liv to realize her mother isdead.  But, even as Liv embarks on a mission to save her mom from deteriorating into a maternal apparition that will haunt her forever, what she doesn’t know is that Mom has come back to save her.

As Liv seeks a solution to her outrageous dilemma, she encounters a dead girl with a distinct drinking problem, a Goth tarot reader who reads Liv’s future with uncanny accuracy, a stalker who turns out to be the instrument of Liv’s death, a conspiracy of ravens who are actually angels, and a dead man who has come for her mother.

And even after Liv realizes her own death, she is still trapped in limbo, fighting the ravens and turning away from her own salvation.  She relives her death, attempting to save her mother and herself, and, in the process, falls in love with her best friend.

But changing events doesn’t save anyone, and Liv must move on or risk suffering a horrible eternal afterlife.  But how can she?  She’s just on the cusp of life with a budding love and high school midterms.  She’s not ready to die!

Liv’s journey takes the reader on an emotional and adventurous ride as she discovers love, experiences regret and guilt, and, ultimately, seeks forgiveness and understanding.  In the end, she finds not only her Heaven but also her long-lost father—and her true meaning for being.


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