Angels are where it’s at.

Entertainment Weekly writer Tara Fowler reported today, “Forget vampires; these days, angels are where it’s at. EW can exclusively reveal that Becca Fitzpatrick’s bestselling Hush, Hush Saga is heading for the big screen. LD Entertainment has optioned the film rights to the four-book YA series, with Greek creator Patrick Sean Smith set to write the screenplay for the first installment.”

This is fantastic news on many levels. First off, Becca’s book Hush, Hush is freaking amazing! Her writing is tight and her story is non stop. It sits on my inspirational shelf of books within eye-sight. The opening chapter served as validation for my own book. Everything dramatic event that is going to happen in Hush, Hush is spelled out in the first chapter, I do the same.

My story begins during a seemingly ordinary day for Liv, where nothing too fantastic happens (Think Our Town) but really Liv and her mother are obliterated by on oncoming car and Liv is hurled into her self-created limbo. Liv denies her death and only sees her mother’s.

My  psychic connection with Becca didn’t end there. My young adult novel, Life-Like, is full of angels, glistening ebony angels who are at first seen only as ravens shadowing Liv in limbo. Now these coincidences are just that, I began writing Life-Like four years ago even though it doesn’t resemble my early drafts except for character names and the theme of death.

Perhaps it’s time to change my query to highlight the angel thing, so my trendiness is more obvious. If I was smart, and I am, I’d make this happen.


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