Christmas Tree – an interview

Today I discovered wordpress has daily prompts.  Today’s prompt: It’s Alive! Write a Q&A style interview with an inanimate object. (You can participate too by clicking on the word write in blue above.)

Since it’s Christmas Eve, I will interview my Christmas Tree.

Tree arrived early for it’s interview. Since Hanukkah arrived on Decemebr 8th, this year,  tree went up early. Tree understands this is a Jewish home, but that we honor the Tree tradition as a way to pay homage to my husband’s father who has passed.

HH: So Tree, what’s your favorite part of the Christmas/Hanukkah season.

Tree: Getting out of the box and the cold attic.

HH: That makes sense. I didn’t know you minded being incognito those 11 months.

Tree: Well, to be honest, keeping my braches up 24/7 for a month is exhausting work. Not only do I have to keep still, I have to balance all of those ornaments, make sure the cats don’t scratch me and pull down my decorations, and I have to keep my cool under all the lights. To be completely honest, for the sake of the interview, yes! I do enjoy having the rest of the year off and the attic isn’t so bad. The Halloween decorations have a wicked sense of humor.

HH: Glad to hear that. I’d hate to think of you up there, unhappy for so long, because you make me so happy when I see you in the living room.

Tree: That’s sweet.

HH: Anything special about this year for you?

Tree: Glad you asked. Yes! This year is special because your little girl is old enough to enjoy all that Hanukkah and Christmas have to offer. I loved seeing her smile as you both carefully unwrapped my branches and sorted them. I had to use all my self control not to burst out laughing because she tickled me as she put up my branches. And there is nothing like her angelic face as she hung my ornaments. Your little girl has flair.  She really liked exploring the different style ornaments, the snowflakes, and toys, the dreidels, and of course the Moose.

HH: You like our Moose tradition?

Tree: Love it! Hanna-Moose. My moose tree toppeer is my favortie. And you obsess of how to place it every year and it cracks me up.

HH: Glad you are amused. Anything you’d like to tell your fans?

Tree: Thank you for including me in your holidays, sharing a tradition, and creating memories with your family. I like being where the action is at. I watch over you and the gifts of love that surround me. I am really lucky to be a Tree.



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