Tonight I attended the Women’s National Book Association Charlotte Chapter panel discussion From Book Idea to the Bookshelf: The Process and Business of Publishing” It was an event we co-sponsored with the Charlotte Writers Club.

We promoted the event as :”a panel of experienced book industry representatives, many from our own WNBA ranks, will discuss how a book goes from the idea stage to the finished book for sale to the reading public. Come with questions about the book biz and join in this sure-to-be-lively discussion!”

And it was a great chat. I got to see writers, editors, and an agent that I admire and who are my friends. We swapped stories, discussed platforms, there were plenty of questions about self-publishing. Sally Brewster, owner of Park Road Books, discussed how her’s is the only independent bookstore in Charlotte. I asked Josh Adams, of Adams Literary how long it typically takes from the time a sale is made to a publisher until that book is out. I’ve been curious about this, because I’ve seen some books get fast tracked while others take years. And his answer was, “It depends. Typically it takes two years. Fast tracked books (in YA) get published in 16-18 months, others may take years.” I expected that answer but was wishing that the time frame was a tiny bit quicker. C’est la vie, nothing about my chosen profession is fast. Good thing I’ve started book two.

My good deed for the night was helping a new writer figure out the inciting incident of her memoir. I look forward to seeing pages from her soon. @heyemily harris, this means you!


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