Monday, I got to chat a bit with Megan Miranda at a Women’s National Book Association meet the author event. I invited Megan to the event, I know I’m lucky like that, because ever since our brief meeting at SCBWI Carolina’s conference I knew I liked her and after reading her book Fracture,  I knew I loved her writing. And last night I stayed up way past my bedtime to finish reading Hysteria. Hysteria_finalcover
Then I felt guilty this morning.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book, I loved the plot, writing, and the suspense….what I felt guilty about is reading the book in three days. I’ve talked with Megan about her writing journey, and the revisions and rewrites it took to get Hysteria and Fracture complete. And I thought I ought to savor the words it took so long to write instead of devour them. I think about the effort I’m exerting now in this latest revision to my book, trying to take it from good to professional, and how I had to turn the inner editor on and let her go hog-wild telling me to change-up the pattern of my natural writing voice, where to add the emotion that is bottled up inside me about each character and place it on the page so readers can love them as much as I do.

I judge myself for the length of time it takes me to do this. Yesterday I revised seven pages, it took all day to do it and I’m about to reread them to see if I like any of what I did or not. Writing is serious work. And that’s why I felt so guilty about reading Megan’s work so quickly, but when it’s that entertaining and suspenseful, there is no putting a good book down. Hope you stop by a local bookstore or click to buy and enjoy them too. You won’t be sorry!

Go here find out more about Megan Miranda Fracturecover_final



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