Best thing about being 40…

There are posts going up among my Facebook friends quoting the bests things about being forty…my favorite among them is: there was internet when I was twenty – so there is no evidence of my stupidity.

The Huffington post ran this one yesterday by Amy Wruble: 40 Effed Up Things About Being 40

I’d like to add my own neurosis to the list…there are huge benefits and not so much things I like to think about…ready, here we go.


1. I know myself.

2. I am a Mom.

3. I’m in a good relationship and married to my best friend. (that part takes work people)

4. I am pretty comfortable in my own skin.

5. I feel good. aka (knock on wood) I’m healthy.

6. I’m still ambitious.

7. I have great friends.

8. I have a past and a future.

9. I have my own money.

10. I have acquired nice things, art, jewelry, shoes and clothes, and appreciate them all.

11. I’m thinner than I was when I was 20.


1. I can see myself aging. My skin wrinkles inside the crease of my elbow, laugh lines and forehead perfection lines require bangs or Botox, dark circles have appeared beneath my eyes and my lids are heavier.

2. There are coarse hairs growing from places I don’t approve of and I’m afraid of losing my sight and having no one pull them!

3. My daughter is young, and I’m afraid before she creates a permanent memory of me, I’ll be old and she’ll never know me as young. My mother stopped agin at 42-years-old for me in my mind, I was 14. I am forty-four, if my little girl stops aging me in her mind at 14-years-old I’ll be 53. Don’t know what that’ll look like, but I’m worried!

4. It takes me longer to recover from injury.(back pain or when I hurt myself from dancing too hard in Zumba!)

5. It takes me longer to recover from a drink or two.

6. I can’t stay out late and hang with my younger friends.

7. The skin on my back, above my bra is sagging – seriously WTF!

8. I’m not on the New York Times Bestseller list…yet. (see ambition on the plus side of things)

9. Menopause will not be my friend.

10. Despite aging I am now also battling breakouts.

Overall, things in my life are downright awesome. I am thankful for it all, the good and not so good. Anything freaking you out? Do tell.







4 thoughts on “Best thing about being 40…

Add yours

  1. Okay, here’s my least favorite. (Sorry, got nothing to contribute to the happy column.) I have to watch what I eat. Seriously! If I eat a lot of sweets, for example, like during March/April when both Harlan and I have our birthdays, I gain weight, a noticeable amount, and can’t fit into my clothes. I gain weight even if I don’t eat most of two birthday cakes! Truth is I have to diet, seriously diet, to continue to fit in my clothes or resign myself to being a bigger girl. Those are my two options and both of them SUCK!

  2. I am 47 and at around 42, I put on a dress w/ spaghetti straps and said what the heck is that piece of skin kinda hanging outside that strap? I am also thinner and in better shape than when I was 20 so I was appalled! But I’ve gotten used to it and just do thicker straps – it’s all about dressing to your strengths. I am an as yet unpublished author of women’s fiction and didn’t get started until I was in my forties. I wish I had started earlier but wouldn’t have had anything to write about. Good Luck w/ yours.

  3. This was great! As you already know I have the writers group BloomingLate specifically for women over 40 and this email means a lot to me! lol I am 46(which I swear I don’t believe!) and I felt so much better about the worries that you have that I thought I was the ONLY one in the universe to have them! The kid remembering what you look like young is a SERIOUS concern for me, my son is 11. AND when I looked my best is when I took the LEAST amount of pictures! SO its true misery, or in this case worry, loves company!
    But I also wanted to let you know I enjoy ALL of your emails. They help me get ideas and keeps me creative to run both the online group and the LIVE group, I wanted to to take the opportunity here to thank you.

    1. S-
      I am so happy you enjoy my work. I love what you do with the Blooming Late auhors. Turning 40 didn’t really bother me as much as 44…and I think I’m going to write an essay about the image of me my daughter will have, it’s such a relief to know other women feel the same way. Thanks for the support! I’ll see you online soon. 🙂

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