NC House Bill 695

I usually don’t talk politics. But today, I woke up and read the headline:

Senate votes to restrict abortion as women yell ‘shame’

And I fell off my chair. How is that this is happening? I read the whole article and then House Bill 695. Sen. Warren Daniel, a Morganton Republican, said the bill was about keeping women safe. Are you kidding me?

This bill has nothing to do with keeping women safe, but rather throwing women’s rights back one hundred years. I know my pain is not the way to address a conservative legislature, and so I had to think of a way to reach this people who believe they are doing the right thing by women by governing our bodies through law. These same people are against Obamacare but are for VaginaCare.

I began making a list of names and number. The House is out-of-town until Monday, when they will “take their time” with the vote, according to Sarah Samuelson’s office. I want to scream at them all the men who are so against abortion to spend more time teaching young men to use condoms! Or if they can’t be trusted to slip a condom on to abstain because they clearly can’t handle the responsibility of handling a vagina! But, that is not how one affects change or elicits the attention of the religious right. so instead I wrote them a letter.

Here is the open letter I’m sending to everyone voting on the bill. Expect it to show up in every mailbox. I hope you will join in too…

The house bill 695 is an attack on my religious freedom. Jewish law requires the mother’s life be saved over that of the baby. You are criminalizing my religion by eliminating the ability to care for the mother. Religious law does not allow for “safer” standards. The outlaw of choice by an indiscriminate standard set by a person, not God, is a horrifying idea to me and threatens my life and liberty in Mecklenburg County.
Please, do not pass 695. 
Please hear me, a Jewish constituent. Do not run me out of the state by making it a religiously intolerant one.



Here is a list of those representing the bill. Let your voice be heard!




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