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A friend and fellow SCBWI member Linda Vigen Phillips tagged me on Facebook. I thought I’d share:

Linda Vigen Phillips for you I will expose myself and give you page 7 of my WIP, Dear Dead Drunk Girl…que my fear and sweaty palms. I hope you enjoy.

Anj was in front of me, dressed in head to toe black, veil and all. Her friends kept a safe distance from the graves, as if they got too close death would follow them home. Anjulie held a bottle of vodka in one hand, raised up high above her head, a cigarette was poised between her fingers in the other. A long ash curled smoke up around her arm like a snake. I wanted to reach out and touch her but was rooted in place on top of a gray headstone. I leaned over and read it.

MARY is all it said. I thought I’d puke. Anjulie’s voice cut through the uneasy feeling.

“Let’s raise a glass to you, dear dead drunk girl! Yup, that’s all you are! You don’t even have a name any more. I’m gonna have to change this head stone,” she said, nudging the stone beneath me with the bottom of her shoe, like she could push it over. I almost fell but the stone didn’t budge. “You’re nothing more than a joke- a drunk girl, a punch line, a nothing. Nothing is what you did for me. Nothing is all you can do now.”

The rules of the game: Go to page 7, 70, or 170, in a current WIP or recently published book. Copy the first paragraph or seven lines and paste to your wall. Tag 7 more authors to do the same.” Don’t blame me Nancy Rosenthal Stewart started this!”
The seven writers I tag are: Kimberley Griffiths Little Megan Miranda Carol Federlin Baldwin Lorin Oberweger Naomi CanaleChristopher S. Ledbetter Stephen Messer


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