I am hard on myself. I expect great writing, engaging stories, and entertaining pages to flow from my brain and be translated by my fingers and keyboard form letters to words, to sentences, to paragraphs and pages.

I am unforgiving with my edits. I work hard at writing and there are days when it’s easier than others. My summer 2013 goal was to complete a first draft of my next YA manuscript Dear Dead Drunk Girl. I had no idea if I could do it, but had the freedom of understanding and acceptance that a first draft sucks so don’t worry if all the parts don’t fit and focused on getting it on the page.

The more I wrote Mary’s story the more I had to say.  I understand now I may not be able to complete the first draft in Stephanie Meyer’s fashion, over the summer, but I’m darn close. Today I printed out the physical pages, and this is what I have to show for all those hours at my desk.

Photo on 8-2-13 at 10.53 AMPhoto on 8-2-13 at 10.53 AM #2

I’ve written 137 pages…squeals…smiles…deep breath…and I’ve many more  miles to go.

But for now I’m going to appreciate the accomplishment and look forward to finishing the first draft and get ready to roll up my sleeves and get to revisions.


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