Writing Prompt

I attended Free-Expressions Your Best Book last week. It was six ass-kicking, intense, and beautiful days of exploring the whys and hows to write a fantastic book. Lorin Oberweger, Brenda Windberg, and Emma Dryden were the core staff. I wish I could sprinkle some of the magic they carry in their hearts on you. But ultimately you should go and experience the workshop and honor your own writer’s journey…I digress…we were given prompts every morning. The last prompt was: I’ll do it because. I want to share my answer.

I’ll do it because I’m not a quitter.

I never give up. I my sulk, get depressed, wonder why I see fit to ALWAYS choose the more difficult path, the one that leaves me feeling alone, isolated, and destitute one minute and yet fills my mind with conversations, images, and stories the ne next that MUST be written or lost and I don’t want to lose them- these companions the things that sets me apart and links me.

A true paradox…crazy, I am crazy and I don’t know any other way to be. Fragile and strong. Determined and exhausted.

I will do it because I have no other choice- and ultimately I make the CHOICE every day to do it because life without writing is empty. Also I don’t like making mistakes and it would be a mistake to stop when I’ve learned so much, gotten so much better with every minute, hour,, day and year I’ve kept at it.

I’ll do it because I am Holly Raychelle Hughes and I said I would!


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