8 box plotting

I’m about to start working on Dear Dead Drunk Girl revisions. Before I dive in, especially since I did not write my story in chapter order, I have to reorganize my book and thoughts. During Your Best Book, we learned about 8 box plotting.

During the workshop I did a first pass at plotting my book and realized where I had a hole in my story.  Quite literally one box was empty and I saw this flaw exists in most of my first drafts. The good news is I figured out how to fill the hole with a plot point that raises the stakes for my MC, is emotionally fulfilling (albeit frustrating), and creates a struggle for Mary and her sister. All this is good.

Now after being home for one week and letting the ideas settle into my mind, I pulled out my new blank notebook and  started over. I created an eight box for Mary and one for her sister Anjulie. The charts are color coated to represent each character’s emotional and physical journeys, the setting and the letters that are featured.

IMG_1788 IMG_1787Then I made sure each character’s journey overlapped and was aligned. So far so good…except…I found some more holes. The good news is I found them now. The challenge is to fill them in.

But, I’m not rushing. I’m going to reorganize my chapters (my book is printed out) read my book through and see if this 8-box plot works. I’ll take notes along the way. And hopefully this will all lead me to a better revision. Wish me luck!


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