Read Across America

Today I participated in Read Across America at the Whitewater Middle School in Charlotte, North Carolina. I was flattered the school reached out to me and was nervous about speaking to a class of sixth grade middle schoolers about writing.

On a wet, rainy day, I headed North on the 485, squeezed passed an all lane closing accident at exit 65 and made my way up to this impressive school.

I was walked into a class that was enjoying a substitute teacher…yikes! My hat goes off to all teachers, but subbing a middle grade room, that takes a special someone. I read my short story Finger Paint (available for a free download at Stone Crowns Magazine). I think a few may have been surprise that my story had a free-floating finger kept in a pickle jar.

Some students listened, others not so much. But that didn’t stop me from trying a writing exercise after I read. I asked the students to give me a few random words. I got: happy, scary, bouncing balls, and table. Then I asked them to try to write something during the next five minutes with those words in it. A few expressions were like…WTH? several got into it, others ate sunflower seeds.

6 students handed me their stories. I think that was brave of them. And I was proud that they tried. I wanted to feature a couple of the stories handed to me. I was impressed with what 6th graders can do. Enjoy!

I always worried about this house. Well, it’s not really the house it’s more of the kitchen table. Last week I was doing my homework in the kitchen when I was writing my answers, the table was moving. The week before that, I heard bouncing balls right beside it. The last night I woke up to get a cup of water, and the table was in my room. It’s something wrong with that table. 

This story is about a table no wait a funny scary table no I don’t know what to write scary funny table with boucing balls no that’s lame. I have to write a um…hold on. Bouncing balls went flying though a table and a scary cat jumped in the window and…

Great work! Who knows we may be reading their work on day soon.


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