More Nightmares

Condensed version of my nightmare from last night:

An evil spirit enters the body of a friend and slowly contaminates my home with negative energy and people until they don’t allow me enter my own home.

I watch them destroying my home through a large window from the front yard. Many more negative entities fill the space until the air around the house turns red.

My book is trapped inside the demon filled house. I try breaking in through the back door where there is a pool but the seven deadly sins are being acted out by those souls who foolishly entered the house.

I’m overwhelmed emotionally and physically disturbed by what I see. A man approaches me, trying to entice me. All I want is the printed copy of my book in the library. He puts his arm around me and I feel the evil ooze over my skin like the mucus of a slug. I turn and say, “I believe in God!”

The man morphs into a seven foot demon with putrid skin and horns simultaneously all the people turn into beasts and attack me. I repeat, “I believe in God!”

They steal my voice. It disappears as they asphyxiate me. I repeat, “I believe in God!” over and over. I pray for help.

A seraph appears and gets me to the library. But my book is not there. The demons catch up to me and surround me. The angel doesn’t help me defeat the monsters attacking me or lead me to my book.

I ask the angel why he has come if he won’t help and he said, “In a little more time.” I think ASSHOLE HELP ME!!!! In real time my leg cramps and I have a muscle spasm in my left leg causing me so much pain I wake up.


Yes, this is my imagination at work. And yes I will use it for a story. And yes, I woke up and searched for my book, which I’m happy to report is printed out and sitting on my desk, an electronic copy is on my desktop and backed up to a hard drive. FU devil!



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