Out takes

I’m taking a  moment to celebrate where I am in the process. I finished chapter 24 in the 3rd draft of Dear Dead Drunk Girl. I’ve got 10 more chapters to revise before the draft is complete and I can break out into my I FINISHED THE DRAFT HAPPY DANCE.

Here’s a little of what didn’t make it into the draft:

I’m not heartless. I know what it feels like to be obsessed with a guy, to think about his every quirk and mannerism trying to decipher what each one means. To watch him so closely I can imitate his walk and how his face looks when he bites into a sour apple. The wondering if there are hidden messages behind his smiles, his almost touches and text messages.

Despite the fact this is abslutley written in MC Mary’s voice, it’s telling – she’s not living it. My job is to make her live through the trails of her life and death. #amwriting


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