I completed a draft!

I did it! I wrote and hit print on the last pages of my WIP Dear Dead Drunk Girl. It’s amazing. I can’t really believe I did it. This draft was a challenge let me share why:

It’s foolish to celebrate without taking a moment to recognize the work this draft required of me:

1- got help for my depression and broke free from its funk

2- changed fonts (Emma D. Dryden it’s amazing how doing changing fonts altered my perception of what was on the pages! Helvetica is my new best friend.)

3- changed the tense of the narration

4- rearranged the order of my book moved whole chapters, deleted others, cut one form 25 pages to 7, cut all the “working my way into the chapter” pages

5-revised/rewrote 3/4 of the book- added tension took Doanld Maass‘ advice “Don’t spoon feed emotion to the reader- provoke it”

6-Thank you Nicole Garcia for holding my hand and walking me through many issues (xxoo)

7-thank you talented and insightful critique partners for being honest and telling me when it needed more work

8-added an emotional layer

9-made a character interesting and possibly dangerous

10-fell more in love with MC Mary

11- added emotional sub-plot

12- gave a side character new meaning

13 deleted 1000s of “thats” and “justs” –

OMG I did more than I realized. I’m so going shopping!

Now I must take the required space and time away from my WIP and let things breathe and settle. I’m excited to get into revision 4, I’ll get to do some of the fun stuff- massaging words, smoothing kinks and adding even more emotion.

In February I’ll be attending the Story Masters workshop.

And after I’m done with all that it’s going to be passed out to beta readers. Who’s interested?


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