Nuggets of Wisdom from Writers to Writers

Hi friends, students and blog hoppers. I’m flattered that Carol Baldwin chose my writing tip from the many she received and you followed it here.

I have another import tidbit of wisdom to share. I keep this gem posted on the board in front of me.


It goes hand in hand with Don’t compare yourself to others.

What’s the most frustrating thing about your process?

If I had my drothers my process would be much faster. But you know what, it isn’t. And I’m proud of the essays, magazine articles and short stories that are published, but I can’t wait to announce my YA books to the world. It’s as if I’m writer not an author until I do.

So I work hard every day to finish my currant WIP.  Keep an eye out for me in 2017. I’m working hard to make it the timing of my life.

Good luck to you on your writing journey.


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