Elevator Pitch.

I finally have it. My two elevator pitches for Dear Dead Drunk Girl.

1: Dear Dead Drunk Girl is Recovery Road meets If I Stay.


2. Heaven is a dive bar.

One of the greatest challenges I had writing this #YA manuscript was knowing in my heart and soul I wanted to open the book with Mary (my MC) in heaven and very drunk. I want the reader to dive into her regret and unreliable perceptions. To experience Mary’s self-created heaven deteriorating around her and feel the heaviness of her intoxication.

It took me years to get the opening pages to a place I love. And yet, I understand it’s a challenging place to begin.

I hope my agent, publisher and audience will be excited to join Mary as she confronts the havoc her death left behind. Then cheer for her as she struggles to regain her sobriety, humanity and ultimately earns forgiveness.

Dear Dead Drunk Girl is a story about people loving each other in a flawed but honest way. It highlights how difficult it is to ask for help and the immense challenge of forgiveness.



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