Fail Better or Succeed

I’m a writer. I must cope with rejections on a daily basis. Some days it makes me want to quit. Except the need to tell stories and share them is intrinsic to my soul and happiness. So after the bad days, the days full of discappointment and rejection – the ones that have me thinking I ought to quit- I get up and I get back to work. Because I never know if today will be the day I fail better or succeed.

Listen to Peter Dinklage talk about it:


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  1. ☼ Hello Holly ☼ You are a natural story teller. As with most prolific writers, you will have your ups & downs akin to a pendulum. Never lose sight of your true passion and forget that sensitive soul that resides deep within you. Just like the vultures that you have encountered out of the blue. So here too, you are receiving a message of hope & bright energy from my totem animal the eagle to carry you through those dark moments. Nothing can harm you, nor debilitate you if you don’t allow it. Cheers

    1. Thanks so much for your kindness. These are wonderful messages to wake up to.

      I keep a note pinned in front of my computer. It’s an exercise from a Free-Expressions Your Best Book workshop. The first line reads: I’ll do it because I’m not a quitter. Your encouraging words help me not quit.

  2. ☼ Doesn’t matter how many times you fall or how many rejection slips you have acquired ☼ What’s important is getting back up smiling stronger and more confident than before. Only then can you stand proudly and say “this ain’t nothing. I have fallen many times in the past and I have the scars to prove it.” Even in dark times, the glimpse of light finds its way through our eyes which goes deep within our very soul. Cheers

  3. Your amazing writing will carry you to higher and deeper places of artistry. Your movie-world piece today was the most human and best writen prose I’ve read in ages! More great adventures lie ahead for you, Holly!

    Todd Karr
    Chief Enchantment Officer
    The Miracle Factory

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