xoJane published my essay

This was my Sunday night.

After a day filled with running my little person to activities, leading a Girl Scout Troop and picking up dinner I received a tweet.

It was from super8mm and it looked like this:CiiKtEQVEAEIa5o-1.jpg

In that moment I realized my essay on xoJane.com went live two days earlier and had over four thousand shares.

IHTM: An Oscar Winner Bullied Me So Badly That I Quit the Film Industry


Oh, and then I was told they read it on Yahoo!

Thank you to those who reached out to me and said kind things. Thank you for the comments. I appreciate you taking time to read my work.


11 thoughts on “xoJane published my essay

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  1. maybe edit this line in your sidebar bio:” …and had the pleasure of working with Academy Award winning director, Alexander Payne…”

  2. Thank you for your candor and courage Holly. You have helped so many of us you have no idea. Those that have suffered at the hands of the George’s and Alexander’s. I hope you have exposed them for what they are and perhaps others will come forward and not live in silence. Good for you! I’m a fan for life!

    1. Thank you for reaching out. I never knew there were this many of us. When I was beaten down I felt very alone and distrustful of those around me. Little did I know many in the crew felt the same things I did.

      It makes me sad to receive messages from those on the crew who were tormented by Alexander and George telling me they’re still too afraid to speak out publically. They write to me saying how they can’t risk being seen as a troublemaker in Hollywood. They need to earn a living. The ones who are hurt fight to make a living and the assholes excel.

      Paying ones dues in the industry should include working hard and long hours- we sign up for that. We don’t sign up for abuse. We shouldn’t learn to eat shit until we suffocate.

      I hope people feel supported. I hope they know they can leave a job and find another. Sometimes in production, I felt if I left a bad job I’d never find another because being in the loop and already working was the best way to secure the next.

      Whatever you’re doing now, I hope you love it. I hope you wake up excited to tackle the challenges of the day. Happy to have you as a fan.

      1. If anyone that has been harassed would speak out immediately that would be best
        When it happens 20 years later people tend to ask themselves why now? Having left the film industry why didn’t she speak sooner?
        But better late then never- I admire you-

      2. I waited twenty years because I didn’t think anyone would care. No one cared on set. No one stood up for me then. Others, from the same crew, reached out but are still afraid to speak up publically for fear of repercussions. They work in LA. They have families to support.

        And sometimes it takes time to find one’s voice. I needed to be in a safe place in life to recall- without bitterness- those incidents.

      3. The ” George” you mention is not that powerful and the ” director” well respected but still considered a low budget independent filmmaker-
        Why did you publish in a British paper instead of publishing it now in the US?

  3. Kila,
    I didn’t publish in the UK. I’m guessing you are reading a UK Daily Mail version or from one of its subsidiaries. They took my xoJane.com essay and added misleading and erroneous information.

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