What if

What if instead of spending the next week hammering away on our keyboards crying out in pain and outrage people got up and engaged in the world?

Instead of posting clips and filibusters for gun control, people used Google to look up a LGBTQ centers and volunteered. What if a person chose to go to a church, synagogue, mosque or unity center and asked how to help. Maybe make lunch for a hungry family or read a book to a child who struggles.

Volunteer at a help hotline. Call a friend you haven’t spoken too because they made you mad and make up.

Talk to people. Face to face. See how your words impact the other person. Remember empathy while people are alive. Remember we don’t all have to agree. Have a difficult conversation but instead of focusing on changing the other person’s opinion take time to listen to what they say. Learn why they belive what they believe. Don’t throw insults if you’re frustrated.

What if you apologize for a long ago misdeed or one you did accidentally five minutes ago?

What if you disagree with someone. Instead of being a shame troll take a moment and think why does that person value a situation differently?

Don’t wait for likes engage in life. Likes don’t make something real. Likes don’t prepare you for life.

We are the United States of America. The world’s melting pot. It looks as if the U.S.A. forgot its identity. There is race baiting, name calling and dehumanization. We don’t need a million labels to define ourselves. We are UNITED. It’s in our name. It’s important to be united.

Where is the love? Where is tolerance? Where are you?

Let’s change the dialogue. Let’s demand all media research stories instead of perpetuating stories. There are two sides to most stories. Why is there a right and left biased media?

Let’s not show the faces of murders. I ask all media to stop naming them, showing them, speculating on facts before knowing them. Let’s stop watching 24 hour news coverage.

Let’s unplug and be part of humanity. Try it for 15 minutes. Don’t look how many emails are waiting for you when you wake up, look at the people around you and make eye contact. Smile- that smile may make their day.

Opposite opinions aren’t made right by digging in one’s heels. A person recently mic dropped me on FB when he cut and pasted opposing views of mine on a feed. He told me to stop reiterating my husbands opinion. He insulted me and I could swear I heard him stomp his feet and flip me off. Really, this is how the world is now? (I know, it was my bad for thinking I could share my opposing view with a person who had to win at all costs- including insults and attempted shame.)

Here is my challenge. Post a comment on how you helped someone or some animal or school or charity below. I need to see the love I know that’s out there. I believe we all have it in ourselves to make this world better.

Please, prove me right.


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  1. great idea Holly. I feed the barn cats just about every day at the stable where I used to keep my horse. I’ve been doing this for almost 20 yrs. I also sat with a friend this past Monday when she got her first chemo treatment. I sent some money to someone I don’t know because another friend said she was in dire straits. I believe we are all basically good. It’s just the few bad apples that spoil the bunch. And btw I don’t like bragging about the acts of kindness that I may do because I don’t want any applause or reward for them. But it will make us all feel better to be reminded that goodness is all around us.

    1. I also always hope that by talking about small acts of kindness, we can show each other how easy they are to do, and inspire one another. 🙂

  2. JJ Walls: Love this challenge! A fabulous idea! All my adult life I’ve adopted shelter dogs…and supported those shelters with donations of goods and money. I’m working this year toward partnering with a local shelter for one of our art shows.

  3. …two summers ago… I was driving my Jeep in the valley. I had the doors off and was enjoying the summer day. I was off work and honestly didn’t have a lot going on. It was one those Really Hot LA Summer days and in the Valley that means it was upwards of mid 90s temps. I pulled up to a red light and was in the far right lane. I just happened to stop next too a bus stop. There was a older frail man sitting on the bus bench and we exchanged glances. He commented on my jeep and seemed nice. I asked him where he was heading… ( it looked hot sitting in the sun like that…) He said he was going to the Hospital. I became a bit more concerned now, not with Just the heat but that this older man needed head to a hospital. I had also noticed that he showed signs that he had been a veteran. Thinking of the heat, I asked him when his bus was supposed to be arriving.. He said it should be there in another 40 minutes… That was ridiculous to me. It was Too Hot to simply be sitting in the heat like this.. and honestly kind of crap that he was a veteran and had to wait for a cramped barely air conditioned bus that could possibly take another hour to get to his destination. I told him to Hop in… and I would give him a lift. He looked very appreciative and got up and got in… All of this happened during the Red Light at the intersection. We drove on for a while. I had no idea where the hospital was that he needed to get too.. but I listened to him give directions and tell his stories. He wanted to pay me for the ride but knew he didn’t have any money. I wasn’t asking and told him so… but he insisted on paying in anyway he could… he sat for a moment as we drove.. and said, “I know!… I can tell you some jokes!” I laughed that that idea.. and i said Sure! Im terrible at remember jokes so this would be good!… we drove along for another 45 minutes, him giving the directions all along the way. I was quietly surprised How Far he was having to go… especially on a city bus. This would have been a full day excursion for this veteran. We laughed and exchanged more stories on the way and eventually made it too the hospital he had to get too. I pulled up to the front door and dropped him off. We both smiled and said our goodbyes. He, with his bag waved as he entered what I knew would be a much cooler place for him… glad I had gotten him to his destination without having to sit in the sun all day. Maybe he would get back more of his day today I thought as I drove away… As I negotiated finding my way back home… out of a maze of a part of town I hadn’t spent much time in… I thought how wrong fate sometimes is…. but then again, Fate had brought us together… 🙂 Brent Stanton

  4. Have a bag of groceries on my counter to take to the Syrian refugees at the mosque today in Beirut. Planning to take books to donate as Ramadan/Eid presents to a shopping mall in town that is collecting for those in need. Working on a story about some people in the Lebanese wine industry, because I want to show in my writing that Arabs are as diverse as any other people.

    I like your post and your idea. xx

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